Wednesday, 22 February 2012



Welcome to the first CaféLit anthology. Each year, we shall be selecting the best of all of the short stories that have been published in our online magazine.
Stories have been created for you to enjoy whilst you sip a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate or peppermint tea… or what you will.   
Each story has been assigned a drink. So, if you are in a double espresso type of mood you might fancy a double espresso coffee and a double espresso story to read while you’re drinking it. At the back of this little volume you will find an index of drinks and stories.
We present a mixture of new and established writers, coming from all over the world.  
All profits from the anthology will support the Creative Coffee Project.
CaféLit provides just the sort of reading material that a Creative Café might provide.  
So sit back, relax, enjoy your drink and maybe a slice of cake, and indulge yourself with one of our stories.  

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